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2020 UPCOMING EVENTS (Click any of the below dates to go directly to that event)

SRCHA 2020 information

We had a great practice at Ardmore our first event of the year and our Year
End Banquet was a success held this year in Ft Worth during the Stock Show.  Thank to all who came and we look forward to a great year.

March 12 – 15th– Ardmore, OK – What a great event this was.  Thank you everyone.

April 16-19th – Ardmore, OK – SHOW CANCELLED Due to Corona Virus

May 4-10th Ft. Worth, TX – SHOW CANCELLED Due to Corona Virus

June 18-21st,  Ardmore, OK

July 11 – 12th  Youth Clinic  McClain County Exp, Purcell, OK

August 10-16th Ft. Worth, TX