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The purpose of the SRCHA is to perpetuate traditional methods of training reined cow horses; to encourage riders to continue the ways of the vaquero; to stimulate interest in the training, owning, breeding, and /or exhibition of reined cow horses; to sponsor reined cow horse exhibits and events; to promote the active participation of all members in reined cow horse activities; to use and encourage standard rules for holding and judging contests of the reined cow horse.

SRCHA Rules & Regulations

These rules follow the NRCHA rulebook for the current year, with exception of “SRCHA only” classes.

All owners and riders must be members in good standing of the SRCHA for the current year. The year runs from January 1st to December 31st of the current year. Membership in the NRCHA is required for any classes approved by that association. Membership to each association may be purchased at the shows. Non-Pro applications may be filed at the show.

Stallions, mares and geldings of any breed (horses only) are eligible without discrimination except in Jr. (youth) classes where stallions are prohibited. All horses must be ridden astride.

A Non-Pro shall be defined as any person, regardless of age, who is not currently receiving remuneration directly or indirectly for showing, training, giving lessons, clinics or assisting in the training of a horse for remuneration- this does not include prize money. (see NRCHA rulebook for detailed information on Non-Pro exhibitors.)

(NRCHA/ SRCHA APPROVED): Open Bridle, Intermediate Open Bridle, Limited Open Bridle, Non-Pro Bridle, Limited Non-Pro Bridle, Intermediate NP Bridle, Non-Pro Select, Open Hackamore, Intermediate Open Hackamore, Limited Open Hackamore, Open Two Rein, Non-Pro Hackamore, Non-Pro Two Rein, Intermediate Non-Pro Boxing, Limited Non-Pro Boxing, Non-Pro Boxing, Non-Pro Boxing Select, Youth Limited, Youth Limited 13 & Under, Youth Bridle, Youth Bridle 13 & Under, Box Drive Box Drive.

**Please refer to your NRCHA rulebook for definitions and eligibility for these NRCHA approved classes. Any changes by NRCHA will be corrected in above definitions.

Green Horse, Green Rider “Buckle Achievement class,” 5 & under Snaffle Bit Class.

The explanations and eligibility for SRCHA approved only classes are listed below. All classes are eligible for Year-End awards with exception of The Green Rider Buckle Achievement Class which results in a buckle after the rider earns 200 points (addition explanation below).The responsibility of the eligibility for the following SRCHA classes lies with the competitor.

This is an SRCHA approved class and is eligible for Year-end award provided the 5 show requirement is met. Horses must be 5 years or under to be eligible and is open to Non-Pro and Open riders. Snaffle bit class will run concurrent with Open Hackamore classes.

This is an SRCHA approved class and is eligible for a Year End Award provided the five show requirement is met. This class is designed for horses being introduced to the cow horse event and entry fees have been lowered to encourage a “schooling environment”. This class is for horses of any age that have not earned 3 Breed points or earned $300.00 in any cow horse event as of January 1st of the current year, anytime or anywhere. Riders can be open or non-pro competitors. Exhibitor may ride any age horse, and any AQHA, NRHA, or NRCHA legal bridle may be used.

The responsibility for determining the eligibility of the horse lies with the exhibitor.

Green Rider : SRCHA Green Rider Rules

This is not intended for ANY horses that are not eligible and/or for a schooling class for those not eligible.

Applies to all classes with exception of the Green Horse, Green rider classes where chaps may be omitted.

Riders must wear western hat or helmet

Riders must wear long sleeved shirt

Riders must wear chaps. (Exception, Green Horse and Green Rider)

Saddle: Horses must be shown astride in a stock saddle. Bridle: Bit: Spade or unbroken bar with 1 inch or higher port measured from bottom of the bar to the top of the port. Bit must have an operable cricket inside the port. Optional tongue release shall not exceed 3 inches in width. The cheeks must be connected at the bottom. Overall length of bit is no more than 8 ½ inches. Diameter of the bar must be a minimum of 5/16 inches. **See NRCHA 2010 rule book for additional changes to equipment requirements. Curb chains are permitted(SRCHA classes only) where the class designates any AQHA or NRHA legal bridles may be used. That would pertain to Green Horse, Green Rider, and Pro/Am class. Leather curb straps must be flat and at least ½ inch wide. Reins with romal are required in all bridle classes except Green Horse and Green Rider. Romal reins should be held in a “thumbs-up” position and no fingers between the reins. **See special bridle provisions for SRCHA classes only**

Two-Rein: Bosals may be any size. Rider must use one hand on reins. Fingers between the reins are permitted. (see NRCHA rulebook)

Hackamore: Must be round in shape, constructed of uniform braided rawhide or leather, and have non-metal flexible core. No gimmick of any kind may be used in conjunction with the bosal. (see NRCHA)

Snaffle: D or ring type, with ring no larger than 4 inches on inside of the ring. They must have a broken 2 piece mouthpiece with minimum 5/16 inch in measuring 1 inch in from the cheek with a gradual decrease to the center of the snaffle. Leather or woven chinstrap is to be used. Split or tied reins may be used. Latex wrapped mouthpiece is not acceptable. Applies to SRCHA Snaffle bit class.

Will follow NRCHA reining patterns and rules for judging.

Year-End awards: Awards: Will be based on points earned at SRCHA approved shows only. Standings are not based on cash earned. Exhibitors must show in a minimum of 5 SRCHA approved shows. Non-Pro and Youth points are earned on a one-horse/one rider basis. Points are awarded according to the NRCHA point system as set forth in the NRCHA rulebook with the exception of the Green Rider Buckle Achievement Class. Belt buckles will be awarded to the winner of each Year End title. Year End prizes are awarded at the Annual Year End banquet. The SRHCA board reserves the right to increase the number of places given awards at its discretion.


Enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

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