Hello all

Its always exciting to start the new year.  We set goals, make plans for vacations, horse shows, and look forward to starting fresh.  Some have new horses, some are looking for new horses and most are staying with the great horse they already have.  No matter what your direction SRCHA wishes you much luck and happiness as you move through 2017.

SRCHA started off with our Year End Banquet in Crossroads, TX, hosting almost 80 people.  There was a comment made at the event I’d like to share.  The comment was from a great lady that has been around our association almost since the inception.  She said “I remember when the association was small and was like a family and you know what, its still feels like a big family”.  I don’t think we could have a better compliment than that.

At the Banquet each year we have our annual meeting and elect officers and board members.
We would like to welcome new president CJ Murphy and 2 new board members Jay McLaughlin and Patty Ralls.  It is so important for participation in making our association great, so thank you to all of our board members and officers for all you do.  For a complete list of our officers and board members go to our about us page.